We start design and development of deep-UV desinfection systems because the current COVID-19 outbreak has painfully illustrated the need for new approaches to cost-effective, rapidly deployed, large-area disinfection techniques such as UVC irradiation

Our UV-desinfection systems use ultraviolet irradiation which destroys bacteria and other harmful microbes by damaging their DNA which stops them from multiplying

  In addition to the UV-disinfection robots we offer full-body disinfection Gateway, which sees those passing through undertake a temperature check

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  • There is one lesson that COVID-19 has taught us! 

  • Our ability to deal with future deadly pandemics must be better 

  • Novel viruses there will always be, any drugs and vaccines we develop for COVID-19 will be ineffectual against the next viral pandemic 

  • Sterilization could become easy, routine and effective. A deep-UV light will be a major component… It could also revolutionize personal-protection equipment for health workers 

  • It could flatten the curve of new infections without so much social distancing 

  • Lockdowns may not be necessary”  

  • This is the ending to the coronavirus pandemic we are all hoping for 



UV-disinfection Systems

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