Extended Laser Module

ELM1064 ELM532 ELM355

These passively q-switched micro-chip lasers are based on bonded laser chip. The adhesive free diffusion bonding is highly reliable and causes very low intra cavity losses at the bonding interface. Therefore these laser are highly reliable and sought after in industry and research. A selection of these chips (which vary in terms of length, output coupling and initial transmission) make up the base of our product lines. We can offer custom specific parameters depending on the integrated bonded crystal.

The main is the ELM1064, which is available in a high energy version above 210 microJ pulse energy and repetition rates of a few kHz and a in low energy version (above 70 microJ / tens of kHz).
The ELM1064 generates pulse energies above 70 microJ and repetition rates of 20 kHz can easily be reached. All lasers come with a computer control software for remote control of the laser and all temperature settings.
These standard ELM1064 micro-chip Lasers with pulse width about 3,6 ns.are well suited for LIDAR (light detection and ranging), LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) and for super continuum generation with the use of a photonic crystal fiber (PCF).

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