ficonTEC designs and produces high precision production equipment for micro assembly or testing of components.

ficonTEC GmbH is the market leader when it comes to automated micro assembly or testing of micro-optics or opto-electronics such as laser diode manufacture, medical technology, security and defense engineering, as well as telecommunication.
ficonTEC GmbH develop off the shelf and individual automation solutions in microsystems engineering that increase the efficiency and precision of your production processes.
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Diverse applications for the machine of your choice

We assist you in evaluating existing processes and methods, optimizing and developing innovative processes right through to their implementation. ficonTEC covers the assembly technologies bonding, laser welding, soldering, high accuracy active & passive alignment as well as the visual inspection of components. A wide variety of measuring methods are employed.

Align and Attach of Multiple Optical Elements


To reduce costs and to increase yield the assembly processes of these optical elements should be performed fully automatically with as little operator intervention as possible.

LIV and spectral test of laser diode bars and chips


To test if all functional components are meeting the demanding specifications of the market the components can be tested with an automatic test system from ficonTECís test line.

Bonding of laser diode chips onto substrates


Lasers in general show a poor wall plug efficiency. Due to its principle of directly converting electrical energy into photon energy semi conductor lasers have the best electrical to optical efficiency of its kind.

Automatically attaching fast axis collimator lenses (FAC) to laser diodes


Laser diodes present a rather ugly beam profile with a high divergence. Moreover the divergence is very different in the two planes leading to a big astigmatism.

Assembling Lenses to CCDs for Camera Modules


Compact camera modules consist of a focal plane array detector and an imaging optic, the lens. Other than for pure cameras the lens of such a camera-on-a-chip module is permanently fixed to the image sensor.

Silicon Photonics Packaging


The recent technology of Silicon Photonics (SiPh) impressively shows the evolution the optics market is undergoing for a while now.

Assembling Active Optical Cables


Be it for the sake of information, of communication, of gaming, or of social networking it all comes down to that this data has to be stored, processed, and routed.

Stacking or unstacking laser dies for facet coating


Prior to facet coating laser bars are being piled up into stacks. The so formed large area of die facets can easily be transferred to coating chambers and efficiently coated.

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