laser diode integriert in LD-SMART

We offer variety of laser diodes integrated in LD-SMART

The possibility for the integration of the laser diode on board or extrenally makes the LD-SMART unique.


The laser diode driver LD-SMART was designed to operate our recently developed miniature passive q-switched laser systems ELM-series in modular and as extendable system.

laser diode @power
0808nmD6W cw +/-3nm
0808nm8W cw +/-3nm
0808nm15W cw +/-3nm
0808nm20W cw +/-3nm
0830nm 2W cw +/-10nm
0915nm 8W cw +/-10nm
0940nm8W cw +/-10nm
0975nm 8W cw +/-10nm
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