OEM laser diode driver


The Laser Diode Driver LD-SMART is designed to actuate laser diodes (8Vx10A) or diode pumped solid state lasers through USB or Bluetooth interface on a touch screen tablet or Smartphone via controlling software. The possibility for the integration of the laser diode on board or extrenally makes the LD-SMART unique.


The laser diode driver LD-SMART was designed to operate our recently developed miniature passive q-switched laser systems ELM-series in modular and as extendable system. This device contains up to three temperature controllers for laser diode, laser crystal and second harmonic generation, which regulate the external thermoelectrical cooler (TEC, Peltier). The mode of laser diode operation can be changed between continuous wave, pulsed mode (with internal pulse generation or by external synchronization) or external analogue modulation. In case of external synchronisation, the laser driver is able to process a TTL input signal. A user friendly software to control the LD-SMART by an external PC is through USB or Bluetooth interface on a touch screen tablet provided. Furthermore, the communication protocol is documented, which allows a simple integration into existing systems.

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