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Photonic engineering, Optical engineering and Laser system design

electronic engineering - Software and Hardware

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A world first Laser disinfection System

Laser radiation destroys bacteria and other harmful microorganisms through the high energy absorption of two proteins such as porphyrin and flavin

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To improve the world today with tomorrow's technology

A hybrid unidirectional compact spectrometer based on concave grating construction

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As an engineering and development service provider, our team also carries out highly complex projects in the areas of photonics engineering, medical technology and analytic. We are your partner when it comes to the development, project development, prototyping and design development and optimization of optical, optoelectronic, electronic components

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Optical engineering and Laser system design

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Modular Central Ventilation Units

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A highly efficient and uncompromising system for quick air disinfection through powerful purple and blue Laser beams.


Laser Air Disinfector

Proven by independent laboratories SOLUTIONS for 100% clean air

Take a deep breath with us again SOLUTIONS for 100% clean air For all areas of application in which people come together

l/min Air
mW power
Days in Year